Our Mission

About Us

Thanks for visiting The Calming Dog Bed, we're glad you're here. The Calming Dog Bed was founded by two friends and dog lovers looking for natural ways to help soothe and relax their pets.

Unsatisfied with the lack of choice in the market and the quality of many of the calming dog beds out there, they decided to craft their own calming pet bed with a focus on quality materials and design.

Our Mission

Our pets are our best friends. They deserve a good night's sleep as much as we do. They also deserve to live without feeling anxious or distressed in their everyday lives.

Our mission is to help every pet achieve a peaceful night's sleep, while also helping to provide a sense of true relaxation and calm. 

The Increasing Prevalence of Dog Anxiety in Canada

Studies suggest that dogs can pick up stress ad anxiety from their environments, including their owners.

According to Scientific Reports around 70% of dogs suffer from anxiety. 

PetMD further suggests that dog anxiety can manifest itself in a host of behavioural problems in dogs such as urinating in the home, excessive barking or crying, or frequent pacing or panting.

Our Commitment to Quality

We specifically chose elements of our Calming Pet Beds to help amplify its calming properties.

We haven't cut corners and have decided to add the following important elements into each bed:

  • Removable and machine washable covers
  • Non-slip base
  • Water resistant bottom and plush faux fur

Unfortunately, you won't find these elements in all calming beds. That's why we believe our Calming Pet Beds are the best in the business.